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How do I gain experience when I need experience to get the job in the first place? 


This is where we can help.  We are often asked to supply Runners for a variety of Roles and some of these Roles don’t require as much experience as others, such as; Lock Off PA, Location Marshall, Stand-In Runner, Rushes Runner. 


The Trainees on our scheme are offered this type of paid work which helps them to build up their level of experience and their contacts. Guiding the Trainee to the position he or she wants to be in, whether this is Production Runner, Key Floor Runner, Cast PA, Director/Producer’s Assistant or Location Assistant.


Our Trainee Scheme is how we try and break the vicious circle of getting your foot in the door as a Runner without experience and contacts. Our Trainee Members have found this a very fair way to help them get their first few jobs.


After 6 months to a year we invite the Trainee onto the Diary Service, if we are mutually happy with how we are all working together. 


We will be accepting application to join our 6 month Trainee Runner Scheme prior to the Runners Training Day. The Trainee Scheme involves a formal application and interview process, not all applicants will be successful.


Application deadline for the Trainee Scheme will be WEDNESDAY 8TH OF MARCH. Those who are successful at this stage will be invited to an Interview and will be contacted by Thursday 24th of March, due to the high number of applicants only those who are successful at tis stage will be notified.


Interviews will take place on 1st or 2nd of April in Central London.


Fees involved: 

For the Trainee Scheme we charge an initial £40 (+VAT) fee for a 6 month contract, a copy of our 80 page manual, CV template, help with your personal CV, interview technique and mentoring. For each paid days work you receive through one of our contacts we charge £5/paid working day, daily wage should be between £80 - £110. Any over time, per diems etc is all yours. We invoice 14 days after you have worked and then give 14 days to pay, so cash-flow shouldn't be a problem.  

There is also a 14 day cooling off period plus if you are not happy with the service after the first month a money back guarantee for the £40 (+VAT). 


Over the past Four years we’ve placed our previous Trainee Runners onto productions such as:

Spectre, The Force Awakens, Assassin’s Creed, The Crown, Guardians of the Galaxy

Downton Abbey, Cinderella, Kingsman: Secret Service, Avengers: Age of Ultron

Star Wars Force Awakens, The Nutcracker, Transformers 5 and many more.


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